Heat Wave

Hi All.     Here is the guiding to playing outside in extreme heat. 

Heat Anytime the temperature is above 32 degrees C, provide plenty of water, shade and rest periods during games and practices.

Encourage players to drink small amounts frequently. If you observe any player exhibiting signs of heat related illness (cramps, fatigue, light- headedness, nausea, vomiting or headache), you must remove the player from the field immediately, place in shade and hydrate. If symptoms do not improve immediately, seek prompt medical aid.   Drinking Guidelines for Hot Day Activities  Before: Drink 8 oz. immediately before exercise  During: Drink at least 4 oz. every 20 minutes After: Drink 16 oz. for every pound of weight lost  Dehydration signs: Fatigue, flushed skin, light-headed.  What to do: Stop exercising, get out of sun, drink  Severe signs: Muscle spasms, clumsiness, delirium I recommend that you break down your practice so they have a water break every 15 mins.   

Thanks Your 2021 SCOLL Executive Committee!

Executive Committee Members – Stoney creek little league

Press Release

To all Little League Ontario District 1 Players, Parents, Umpires, Volunteers, Sponsors and Fans.Welcome to Step 1 of our Little League Ontario District 1 Re-opening. Below are the re-opening dates set-out by each Little League program in our District.As we have all navigated through this unprecedented pandemic, we have all had to make some very hard decisions that have kept us from playing baseball and supporting the children in our communities.On behalf of Little League District 1, l would like to thank all of our Little League presidents, executives, umpires, coaches, players, volunteers and parents for your patience, leadership, and understanding.Our baseball season has changed, and many of our Little League communities around the District continue to feel the tremendous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, it has not stopped us as volunteers from continuously working on a plan for returning to the field and providing a Little League experience for our players.As each league begins their phased approach to reopening, we ask and highly encourage that everyone adheres to the guidelines set forth by their respective leagues.We fully understand that not everyone will agree with the guidelines put in place and that is okay. All we are asking, is for the hour or so you spend at the diamond, to please follow the guidelines so we can continue to offer children the opportunity to play baseball again.The safety and well-being of all our participants, volunteers, families and friends is always paramount, and today, it is more important than ever to think about those things off-the-field that make the Little League experience special – teaching life lessons; being kind and gracious and supporting your local community.We are starting our come back to be stronger than ever. We will rally around our communities, welcome all of life’s challenges, and leave a legacy of time spent together at all our Little League fields across the District. We are all in this together and we will all get through this together.Your local league and their websites can provide you with more information on their plans to re-open. Again, I truly appreciate the patience, understanding, and flexibility of all of you, our volunteers, players, and parents during this time. Stay SafeSteven Bagnell – District Administrator – DA-D1-ON