Executive Committee Announcement

Hi everyone,

We have an announcement and a request.

Effective immediately, Martin Talbot will be assuming the role of President, and Tim Simmons will be assuming the role of Vice President.

We are looking for volunteers for all other roles of the Stoney Creek Optimist Little League Executive Committee.

Some roles available are: Secretary, Treasurer, Field Equipment Manager.

We are also looking for Conveners.

If you are interested in any of these roles,

please contact Martin at scollprez@gmail.com, or

Tim Simmons at scollsiofficer@gmail.com.

We will provide further updates on what we can or cannot do this season as soon as we can.

These will be posted on our Website’ Update Page and on Facebook.



We are currently looking for sponsors for the 2021 season and beyond, this will help us offset the costs of running the league, we are a non for profit league and so all the extra costs related to covid have a large effect on the league and how it functions, we still had many costs last season to keep the park maintained even though we had no baseball and therefore no revenue coming in.

If you would like more information please reach out to Kevin at president.stoneycreekll@gmail.com


Volunteers are the backbone of any sports league and Stoney Creek Little League is no different.  Most people don’t know how many people it takes to run a baseball league, between coaches, board members, divisional or league convener it takes a large group of people to make this happen.

Coaches – As you sign your child up, if you are willing to help a coach or want to coach a team please let us know

This year we will need help with sanitizing on and off the field so league volunteers are always welcome

League Convener – This job allows us to have one person communicate within a division to coaches and parents

Executive Members – It takes a dedicated group of people to run the league and get it ready for the season to start, we are looking for multiple positions and welcome any inquiries.